Healthy Living in Sefton

Tel. 0300 323 0181

You can now access free lifestyle information covering topics such as smoking, physical activity and alcohol. For more information on the service:

Ever thought it was time to change how you live in order to improve your health? Living a healthy life doesn’t mean making huge alterations. But making a change can make you feel good about yourself. Living Well Sefton is a FREE service with a focus on supporting people with issues that may be affecting their health and well being. It is collaboration of various Sefton organisations which have the expertise and knowledge to share with you.

Tel. 0345 607 6823

You get free vitamin supplements with Healthy Start, as well as vouchers to buy milk, fruit and vegetables.

In Sefton the healthy start vitamins are available from children's centres and a small number of health clinics across the borough.

Tel. 01695 656550

Sefton Sexual Health Service - Improving Sexual Health in Sefton.

The Sefton Sexual Health Service is crucially important to Sefton . As well as providing treatment and screening for STIs , ISIS also provides advice on a range of issues, including contraception, to help Sefton residents stay in the best of sexual health.
A key feature of the Sefton Sexual Health Service is its accessibility, with ten clinics across the borough and groundbreaking new services such as men-only clinics in Southport and Bootle and an exclusive service for the under 25s age group.
All the sexual health staff are able to provide the same quality of service making the patients journey as straight forward and easy as possible.

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